Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

little black dress .. so Audrey

This week at work had left me feeling super anxious with brief moments of hyperventilation.
Sometimes, i felt like i was holding my breath and forgot to breathe...
I am delighted with the new found responsibilities, yet there are times where i feel that i really do have to much on my plate. This week has gone by so quickly because i am constantly busy and i have been kept on my toes.

On a lighter note, i got 3 really cute work dresses from Cue.
2 of which are sweet black dresses,so Audrey-esque. As they are so plain, i turn to Polyvore for inspirations to spice them up for work, weekends and date nights.
Not forgetting the full pleated skirt in all its glory, wear it this Spring:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rollip - Awesome Online Photo Effects!

Rollip - Awesome Online Photo Effects!
Courtesy of Jennifer and Anna.
I stumbled upon this link on Jen's blog. It makes all your photos beautiful, especially for uploading photos on my Etsy shop. It creates the perfect mood of nostalgia, like a stack of forgotten polariods found in a dusty chest hidden in the attic.
It is also useful for all other photos you have. Best of all, this website is free.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Diet Coke Puppet Ad

The soundtrack, the dance moves and the 'dolls' have been looming around in my head for ages. I have to share this here. The dolls are so glamourous and gorgeous..

like Blythe dolls, Bratz and Barbie combined.
This advertisement is very light hearted and cheerful. One of the best i have seen so far.
I may as well convert to drinking Diet Coke !

Monday, August 23, 2010

For You, Jen

Such an inspiration.
Last Saturday was Jenn's bridal shower. A low-key and sophisticated high tea with lovely conversations and games. With one of the activities, we were told to answer a mini quiz on what Jen wore that day.

Nonetheless, she gingerly left the area, hoping that no one would not noticed.
Anyway, this is very similar to what she wore.
It is extremely ladylike, sweet and chic. I got most of it right by memory.. i guess.. LOL

For you Jennifer =)
i hope you like it

Saturday, August 7, 2010

this week

What a busy full-on week at work. New responsibilities coming onto my plate, mastering my current work, imparting knowledge to fellow staff, learning new tasks all at the same time. Sometimes i feel like i have overcommited myself and drowning in a neverending pool of work and " urgent " tasks.

However, that aside, i managed to squeeze time in and made a trip down to Giraffe cafe with Kelsie.
Here some of the pictures i took. Every trip to Giraffe is enjoyable, relaxing, rejuvenating and comforting, the list goes on. It is a quick break in the middle of the week, an escape from the daily grind where i can immensed in homely zakka style decor.

you know i am stressed at work when i indulge in a vanilla strawberry cupcake with awesome cream cheese icing.. my fave !

Saturday, July 31, 2010

cosy home

Szechuan food doesnt sit well with me.
I have been at home, avoiding all outside contact because of my poor rumbling tummy. I am not sure if i am actually hungry or if the spice is still burning my stomach walls.
Anyway, that aside, it is the weekend and i am going to share some lovely home inspiration pics for a good pick me up. As you would know by now.. i am a homebody and would love to curl up at home for any given chance. These pictures are so comforting, courtesy of Decor 8. Or you can also checkout my lovely friend, Jen's blog, on what she did to her wall.

That's all for now. Have a lovely weekend .

Thursday, July 29, 2010

my cool wall

Top Gear has a cool wall on its program, i have mine too!!
Not cars though, but various items i found lovely and interesting. Some of these were recently accquired from the craft fair last saturday.

I put them up on Monday when i had an awesome day off. I cleaned the house, slept in, cooked and i thought to myself, " why not adorn my wall as it is very plain and empty "? !
here it is

It features a range of mixed media, including ribbons, fabric cuts and prints from etsy.
What's your idea of a 'cool wall' ? And how do you style it ?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

what do you do with a earthy brown chunky winter cardi ?

Here are some ideas
I have been scouring through Polyvore for winter dressing ideas. Honestly, i am overwhelmed. There are way too many combination of clothes and inspirations... This particular Japanese giant cardi caught my eye. It is slouchy with style, thrown in with some romantism. I could also wear this to work if i want... =)

calme/ニュアンスロングカーディガン | ファッション通販 My Fashion(マイファッション)
Hansel from Basel at Gargyle
Back Zipper moccasin boots, $45
Vintage Copper Multi-Strand Watch, $100
Striped cashmere-blend scarf, $275
Woven Ring Jean Belt, $2.99
giambattista valli, 238 GBP
Basic Grey Cupcake-Frosting: Scrapbooking Paper & Supplies -..., $0.68
Let's go Bananas!
coffee stainnn
Fairies image by stareidlamb on Photobucket
PSD Detail | Spotlight | Official PSDs
alone awake and thinking of
We heart it / Visual bookmark for everyone
Let's go Bananas!
Valentine letter3 Bright Star
Rabbit Nose With Elastic - The ABoyd Company
Nowhere about nothing.
Mia's Scribblings Font |

Luxuriously soft gorgeous Italian leather boots...

My latest aqcuisition : some lovely black boots from Zomp..
I was buckling under pressure when i saw that the shop was having final season clearance sale . So i went in 2 days in a row trying to figure out which pair i should buy..
Eventually, i left with a slim fitted long black boots with stable heels.  It made me even taller, which is a good thing as i hardly wear heels.. But alas, people at work thought that i was way too tall.. I was literally toweing over the guys.. hmm
anyway, that is not going to deter me from wearing it frequently throughout winter..
i love winter .. because i get to don all these lovely wool coats and strut in boots !
By the way, here are some ways i can wear it - courtesy of polyvore again
I need inspiration to help me dress these babies up =)

~ I guess i am going to have a fun winter ~

Giraffe cafe

Recently, thanks to Jennifer, i have been introduced to a lovely cafe at little lonsdale st ~ Giraffe cafe
This place is so quaint with a gentle cross play of japanes zakka and scandinavian style.
It has a lovely ambience and decor, i feel like packing my bags and move in immediately !
I can forsee more visits and even a knitting catch up despite this place being packed all the time.

The best item on the menu.. sesame chicken noodle salad.. thanks to Jen too =)
I need to learn how to make the creamy sesame sauce at home.
Once i figure that out, i will definitely share it here
That's all for now

here's the link for more information

Friday, January 1, 2010

Some lovely inspirations to share

Not many of you would have heard of Polyvore~ a website that allows you to build a fashion spread or a collage of clothing, accessories to mix and match..
here are some of my favourites:

Items in this set:
ロングカーディガン, 30,450 JPY
Vanessa Bruno Stretch narrow leg jeans, $107
Flower applique peep, 185 EUR
Juicy Couture - BG - Sparrow Bird Hoops (Silver) - Jewelry, $62

Moreover, it is on a truly global platform that encourages new trends and shop for a myriad of fashion. For example, if you have a plain long cardigan and not sure how to spice it up or what to wear with, you can seek inspiration from the sets created in Polyvore by other users. How good is that ?

Look at how each set has a special theme or look.  I have also created my own set here.
This is what would love to wear all holiday season here in sunny Melbourne.
Have fun creating your own and let me know how you feel !

New Post for the new year

Happy New Year!

It is time i get jump back into the blogging bandwagon again.

My last post was in here, in my old blog Kniterela, where i last documented all my knitting adventures 10 months ago..It was sadly neglected due to various degrees of procrastination. I swear that i have written and re-written my posts in my head several times , just that i haven't got around to it! haha

However, to date, knitting activities had been slow and sluggish, partly due to the hot Aussie summer. I have lost my mojo and need new inspiration.

New Year celebrations was quiet. Just champagne, chocolates and a good DVD at home. Something simple and stress-free.
It was pouring out here in Melbourne throughout the whole New Year's eve night... I wonder how it would affect the fireworks preparation and those revellers..

Nonetheless, my annual leave is almost coming to an end and i would have to drag my sorry ass back to work ( pardon my language as this is how i feel about my work )
The purpose of this blog is to document my crafting journey, design inspirations, etsy merchantile skills and random ramblings.
Having a new blog is one of my new year resolutions of 2010, we shall talk about other resolutions later. For the past 2 years, i kept to my resolutions and made them happen ( 2008: to start an etsy shop , which i did ; 2009: to double my etsy sales and get new job in the corporate world, which i accomplished as well ) Hence, i am confident that this will work.
Keep checking this space for more inspirations, giveaways and much more.

P.S: here are some of the new necklaces i have created during my leave. They are now in my shop. Enjoy