Friday, January 1, 2010

Some lovely inspirations to share

Not many of you would have heard of Polyvore~ a website that allows you to build a fashion spread or a collage of clothing, accessories to mix and match..
here are some of my favourites:

Items in this set:
ロングカーディガン, 30,450 JPY
Vanessa Bruno Stretch narrow leg jeans, $107
Flower applique peep, 185 EUR
Juicy Couture - BG - Sparrow Bird Hoops (Silver) - Jewelry, $62

Moreover, it is on a truly global platform that encourages new trends and shop for a myriad of fashion. For example, if you have a plain long cardigan and not sure how to spice it up or what to wear with, you can seek inspiration from the sets created in Polyvore by other users. How good is that ?

Look at how each set has a special theme or look.  I have also created my own set here.
This is what would love to wear all holiday season here in sunny Melbourne.
Have fun creating your own and let me know how you feel !

New Post for the new year

Happy New Year!

It is time i get jump back into the blogging bandwagon again.

My last post was in here, in my old blog Kniterela, where i last documented all my knitting adventures 10 months ago..It was sadly neglected due to various degrees of procrastination. I swear that i have written and re-written my posts in my head several times , just that i haven't got around to it! haha

However, to date, knitting activities had been slow and sluggish, partly due to the hot Aussie summer. I have lost my mojo and need new inspiration.

New Year celebrations was quiet. Just champagne, chocolates and a good DVD at home. Something simple and stress-free.
It was pouring out here in Melbourne throughout the whole New Year's eve night... I wonder how it would affect the fireworks preparation and those revellers..

Nonetheless, my annual leave is almost coming to an end and i would have to drag my sorry ass back to work ( pardon my language as this is how i feel about my work )
The purpose of this blog is to document my crafting journey, design inspirations, etsy merchantile skills and random ramblings.
Having a new blog is one of my new year resolutions of 2010, we shall talk about other resolutions later. For the past 2 years, i kept to my resolutions and made them happen ( 2008: to start an etsy shop , which i did ; 2009: to double my etsy sales and get new job in the corporate world, which i accomplished as well ) Hence, i am confident that this will work.
Keep checking this space for more inspirations, giveaways and much more.

P.S: here are some of the new necklaces i have created during my leave. They are now in my shop. Enjoy