Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Diet Coke Puppet Ad

The soundtrack, the dance moves and the 'dolls' have been looming around in my head for ages. I have to share this here. The dolls are so glamourous and gorgeous..

like Blythe dolls, Bratz and Barbie combined.
This advertisement is very light hearted and cheerful. One of the best i have seen so far.
I may as well convert to drinking Diet Coke !

Monday, August 23, 2010

For You, Jen

Such an inspiration.
Last Saturday was Jenn's bridal shower. A low-key and sophisticated high tea with lovely conversations and games. With one of the activities, we were told to answer a mini quiz on what Jen wore that day.

Nonetheless, she gingerly left the area, hoping that no one would not noticed.
Anyway, this is very similar to what she wore.
It is extremely ladylike, sweet and chic. I got most of it right by memory.. i guess.. LOL

For you Jennifer =)
i hope you like it

Saturday, August 7, 2010

this week

What a busy full-on week at work. New responsibilities coming onto my plate, mastering my current work, imparting knowledge to fellow staff, learning new tasks all at the same time. Sometimes i feel like i have overcommited myself and drowning in a neverending pool of work and " urgent " tasks.

However, that aside, i managed to squeeze time in and made a trip down to Giraffe cafe with Kelsie.
Here some of the pictures i took. Every trip to Giraffe is enjoyable, relaxing, rejuvenating and comforting, the list goes on. It is a quick break in the middle of the week, an escape from the daily grind where i can immensed in homely zakka style decor.

you know i am stressed at work when i indulge in a vanilla strawberry cupcake with awesome cream cheese icing.. my fave !